Orange Awareness

Hi my name is Darryl Anne Mooney and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2013. I was told I needed a mascetomy, chemo and radiotherapy and unless I had all three treatments immediately I would die!! Well I walked out of hospital on the 20th September refusing to have my operation because I knew there were other options in healing my cancer, despite being told by my oncologist and nurses that I would die otherwise!

Click here to listen to my recent interview with Simon Jordan who is the founder of One Planet One Place.

NHS Care

NHS care  only provides chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as options for cancer patients and I realised that something needed to be changed quickly!

I’ve now embarked on a life changing journey and I’m also so passionate about helping others in their cancer care that the ORANGE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN was born. I believe that Cancer is easily curable NOW and I’ve set up this website so that you can follow my journey!

Positivity, Exercise and nutrition are vital elements in the self healing process. Heal your immune system! Heal your body, Mind & Spirit! Heal your cancer! Love Live Laugh It is possible to heal your body through “Gods Medicine and without surgery. Everything is possible. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you wish to heal your body without chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery we are here to help!

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